Stereotypical Images Teaching Collection, Temple University Libraries

This is a teaching image collection designed to provide resources for faculty and students studying historical representations of various cultural and ethnic groups. The collection provides examples of stereotyping based on race, religion, gender, and other characteristics that have shaped and continue to shape American society, and some images may be offensive to some viewers. This collection is in the process of being created and eventually a large number of groups will be represented.

This project results from several faculty members in Art and African American Studies requests for materials featuring African American stereotypes from the Blockson Collection as teaching resources in multiple classes. More generally, we are regularly asked to provide materials featuring stereotypical representations of various groups (e.g., women). As such, we decided to start digitizing these materials and make them accessible online through this collection for teaching purposes.

Below is a list of courses that have utilized and will utilize this teaching collection:

African American Studies:

Intellectual Heritage Program - College of Liberal Arts: Sociology: Tyler School of Art:
Faculty Statements:

"The Blockson Collection's Stereotypical Image Teaching Collection is a rare pedagogical tool for teachers and professors. It reminds us of an age in which the presence of Africans in the United States was ridiculed and abused in literature, photographs, and media; yet the collection's profound attachment to American cultural expressions tells us the great sweep of the anti-African presence in America. The fact that the Blockson has made these images available is a social and intellectual victory for history."

Molefi Kete Asante, Ph.D., Professor, Temple University African American Studies Department, and author, The African American People: A Global History